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We are Traffic surveys company which provides various services in evolving Traffic domain with accurate information for analysis and provides several reports upon the demand by client.

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We are budding startup with mission to provide best services in the Traffic Surveys industry to monitor traffic in various ways, to provide deep reports to resolve the issues quickly and effectively. We are trying new methods with continuous learning to provide advanced services.

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As the Transport industry is going folds day by day, traffic is increasing in several ways. We do provide various services in the Traffic Surveys which support the high demand.

Turning movement counts

Link flow traffic counts

Bicycle counts

Pedestrian counts

Queue Length Surveys

Roundabout Counts

Parking survey Methodology

Number Plate Recognition

Illegal Movement Survey


  •   Turning Movement counts 
  •   Link flow traffic counts
  •   Bicycle counts
  •   Pedestrain counts
  •   Roundabout counts
  Turning Movement counts 

Turning movement counts

Turning movement count is a traffic count survey method that enables assessing the movement of vehicles, traffic flow and delay characteristics in greater than three arms. The data collected from a turning movement count survey is used to develop improvement plans for critical intersections in the short term.

  Link flow traffic counts

Link flow traffic counts

Link flow traffic counts are easily obtainable by individual vehicle types. We use link count tools to accurately collect data that will let us predict traffic flow precisely. Link counts are effective in providing street-level traffic data.

  Bicycle counts

Bicycle counts

This is a method of traffic flow analysis based on non-motorised traffic including bicycle traffic and pedestrian traffic. The number of bicycle counts however, is limited over space and thus is not dependent on the type of road user.

  Pedestrain counts

Pedestrian counts

Pedestrian count surveys collect useful data related to pedestrian traffic behaviour. They enable the identification of traffic volume, the time taken to cross the road, any obstructions, and the usage frequency of crossing infrastructure. The level or frequency of conflict between cyclists or pedestrians can also be determined through pedestrian counts.

  Roundabout counts

Roundabout counts

Roundabout Count Report is a method of traffic data collection which helps in determining the capacity and performance efficiency of roundabout approaches. It sums up the turning movement volume (TMV) of a roundabout. It also clearly details the entry, traffic circulation and exit flow rate for each roundabout leg, from origin to destination.


  • Queue length surveys
  • Parking survey methodology
  • Illegal Movement survey
  • Number Plate recognition
Queue length surveys

Queue Length Surveys

Typically this involves queue management techniques by recording the number of vehicles in a queue before the traffic signal turns green for one or all legs on an intersection. It also involves the recording of the volume of each lane queue depending on the length of the queue, and by taking into account the number of lanes that exist.

Parking survey methodology

Parking Survey Methodology

The main objective of the parking survey methodology is to assess usage levels for on and off-street parking. This type of survey also enables the identification of key issues and constraints in parking demand and supply characteristics.

Illegal Movement survey

Illegal Movement Survey

Tracking illegal movements on the road such as traffic violations, parking in a no-parking zone, and unloading goods in a non-loading zone and so on is enabled through illegal movement surveys. These surveys are extremely helpful in traffic management and collating data on traffic offenders.

Number Plate recognition

Number Plate Recognition

Number plate recognition or the ANPR system is a mass surveillance method involving the capture of images to enable the manual reading of vehicle registration plates manually. The images collected through number plate recognition involve large volumes of data which we arrange, sort and analyse to translate them into meaningful data points for your business.

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